Protecting people, Containing the Spread

We make no money off of you or any business. This initiative is done only to contain the spread and to save lives, not to monetize.

The Covid-19 virus (coronavirus) is the deadliest widespread virus since
1918. It is also the most contagious virus known in this modern age and
can infect without physical contact with another person. For this reason
we have created, built to slow (and stop) the spread of this
deadly disease and to protect you the consumer.

The numbers are simple: The Flu infected over 34 million people in the USA
during the 2019-2020 flu season, and killed around 30,000 people. If the
Covid-19 virus infects the same amount of people, over a million will die.
Plus the Covid-19 virus is much more contagious, making it more likely to
spread well beyond what the flu normally does.

This is why we are here. After months of research and study, we have come
up with a solid and practical list of safety procedures which each business
must take in order to protect you the consumer. It is your voice, the power
of the people who will force businesses to take these reasonable steps to
protect you, your health, and your love ones.
Please add your voice and your name to our growing list and demand that
businesses across the world help protect us, and prevent the spread of the
deadly Covid-19.

Our measures are subject to change at anytime, so please check back here on a regular basis for crucial updates.

If you have run into a business which is displaying our sign but not following the protocol outlined within our site, please email us the name of the business, their full address, and the violation to